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Wayne in next months MBUK!



Team Rider Wayne Reynolds is finally getting his 5 minutes of fame in next months MBUK magazine, where hopefuly he can get noticed by sponsors and get a few more minutes of fame! The photoshoot took place about 4 or 5 months ago now and after months of nothing much happening the article finally looks set to feature in Europes leading MTB magazine. The article is written by me (Dave) and should be anything up to 5 pages, with tonnes of cool photos so make sure you check it out.

On sale 28th September

X-Lite Hault Production of Phatso rims


{X-Lite Phatso}

The Popular Phatso rims made by British company X-Lite have been rumoured to no longer be in production. The news came as a shock to us as the rim is very popular and a great choice for a rear rim for your average thrasher, however Phatso copies such as the B.M.F by Planet X are still in production so all is not lost! The news came after an unamed rider had troubles with his rim, and when he went to X-Lite about warranty they stated that a replacement was not possible as they no longer made them.

Other products that no longer are in production include the Magura Greenfrog brakes, Giant Hawyes replica frame (newer version coming out for christmas) and the highly underated P-Bone fork.

Leeson Making a Mod


{short description of image}

When Leeson Bikes announced that they were in the process of making the Leeson 550 rumours went flying, some thought that it would be a cheaper version of the Leeson 660 which has only just been made available, others thought they might compliment the competition frame with a stronger frame for street (unlikely) but DaveTrials.ismad.com can confirm that the Leeson 550 will be a 20" Mod frame....... no one was even close! Little information is out on the Mod frame yet but what is certain is it will be a top of the range frame with high end competition in mind. Dates for when the frame will be ready are unknown

Kurt Brain switches to 26" !!!


{Kurt Brains new ride}

sub world champion Kurt Brain has finally made the transition to 26" Stock trials bikes, the move sees him ditch Megamo in favour of the new Echo frame that's about to hit the shores this summer, The move includes a switch of sponsors to X-Streetwho already sponsor succesful Senior rider Michael Graves. The Echo frame is basically a copy of the Brisa B26 and X-Street will be the sole UK dealer.

Updated (18/09/01) Kurt has now thrown trials in apparently and he wont be riding at all this year

News Archives

Injury List - Who's out on the sidelines

Rider Bike Class Injury/ Illness Out For/ Until
James Hyland Brisa B20 Cadet Broken leg up to 6 weeks

Quit List- Who's Given up

Rider Ex Bike/ Sponsor Class
Kurt Brain Ex Team Megamo Cadet
Adam Barrett Ex Team X-Street Expert
Harvey Radford Ex Team GT Junior

Bike and/or Sponsor Changes - Who's been getting new kit

*=Still to be Confirmed

Rider Class New Bike/Sponsor Old Bike/ Sponsor
Iain Powney Senior Monty 20" Rocket
Peter Rhodes Inter Echo Monty
Steve Lane Inter Brisa B26 Specialized
Paul Thomson Master Crescent Monty
James Hyland Junior Brisa B20 Megamo 20"
Kurt Brain Junior X-Street NSE Megamo
James Hawkins Senior Guyzer Pashley
Neil Rodway Senior MuddyFox Megamo
Matt Reeson Demo Rider MAD Saracen Vario
Barry Huskinson Master Leeson Megamo (26")
Ian Cooper Master Team Identiti* Team Raleigh
Darren King Master Surge Trials (26") Team DMR
Stevie Thompson Master Megamo (20") MAD Saracen
Wayne Reynolds Senior Pashley GT Arrowhead
Si Harvey Senior MAD Saracen Pashley
Kris Leeson Senior Team Leeson Orange
Nick Evans Senior Orange Barracuda
George Gori Senior Orange Muddy Fox
Michael Graves Senior Team X-Street Giant
Dan Holroyd Senior Team Orange Giant
Iain Powney Senior Rocket Team Mission (26")
Richard Coe Youth Team Onza (20") Monty (20")
Robin Howard Youth Team Onza (20") Monty (20")

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