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Wayne Reynolds

{Wayne Reynolds}

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Name: Wayne Reynolds
Age: 19
Home Town: Claxton, Norfolk, UK
Bike: Onza T-Bird
Dream Bike: Leeson Clear 660
Time Riding Trials: 4 years
Biggest Bunnyhop: 37" (Over a bar)
Biggest Sidehop Up: 34" (Over a bar)
Biggest Drop Off: 11ft (10ft 360ing)
Best Tricks: Switzerland Squeaker no handed (pic) / G-Turn/ Backwads Noseroll down hills
Strengths: Rock riding/ Flatland Tricks
Weaknesses: Upping BIG stuff to rear wheel
Fav Rider(s): Ed Tongue, Kris Leeson, Danny Holroyd,
Comps Done: British Nationals, Essex Bike Trials
Class: Senior/ Expert (red route)
Best Result: 4th- Essex- Expert / 8th- Nationals- Junior
Worst Injury: broken leg
Street or Natural: I'm at home on the rocks
Goal in Trials: World champion

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