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A-Z Of UK Trials !

{Martyn Ashton}

Ashton - Inspiration for so many, and ex world champion

Bashguard - Vital if you want to ride trials

Curtis - Manufacturers of the sweet new trials frame and fork

Davetrials.Ismad.com - Blatant advertising!

Essex Bike Trial Club - Britains original club

FSA - Surely all trialsters have owned a set of their cranks or one of their headsets at one stage?

{short description of image}

Gap jump - An important trials move, get it dialed!

Hawyes - The 'other' Martin, also dominating the pages of MBUK

Illions - The lightest trials specific frame available weighing 3.96 lbs! , made by Crescent

Jap Slap - surely the stupidest name for a trials move!

Kurt Brain - Britains young sub world champion, will dominate the world very soon

Leeson - The frame, and the rider. Both amazing

Maguras - Maguras=Trials...... simple

Novice - The standard that EVERY trials rider has been at one stage

Onza - making a name for themselves with their alternative mod bikes and trials equipment

Porthcawl - Home of the Martins and now surely Britains best known Trials town

Quick- How a trials bike should handle

Rocks - What 'real' trials is all about

Street - Concrete heaven

Tongues - Ed and Matt, aided the design of Britains best selling trials frame and both amazing riders

USE - Oh dear! manufacturers of the super flexy TFI fork, boing!

Vario - Varioation, and who said all trials frames are the same these days

Wilson - Scott, 8 year old BRITISH world champion

X-Street - UKs leading trials mail order company, it's trials specific boys and gals

Yorkshire Tykes - Competitions for those up North

Zero - The new frame from Orange that brakes the rule that all light frames have to be weak

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