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Defenitions of Trials Moves/ MTB Flatland Tricks


Abubuca- Hopping onto a wall or ledge straight to the rear wheel, then stalling before hopping back off the object.

A.K.A- Blunt

American Bunnyhop- A jump off the ground without the aid of any drop or ramp where the rider pulls the front wheel up high off the ground, then unweights the rear end of the bike so the back of the bike follows off the ground and both wheels are airborne. Can be done from standstill or with a run up

Australian Bunnyhop- The opposite of the American Bunnyhop (see above) where the rear end of the bike is lifted off the ground firstly, and then the front end is lifted up after so both wheels are airborne.


Backwheeling- See 'Japslap'.

Backwheel hop- Hopping on the rear wheel on the spot

A.K.A- Rear wheel hop

Backwheel hop Forwards- see 'Pogo Hops'

Bashguard to Backwheel- A power move where the rider hops up from off the bashguard (when resting on an object) and leaps upwards directly onto the rear wheel

A.K.A- Bashplate to rear wheel

Blunt- See 'Abubuca'

Bunnyhop- Lifting both front and rear wheels simultaneously off the ground using an unweighting technique to lift the rear end of the bike off the ground with the feet, and the hands to pull the handlebars upwards and so the whole of the front of the bike off the ground. It is done without the aid of any ramp or jump

A.K.A- American Bunnyhop, Australian Bunnyhop, English Bunnyhop (Different variations)


Coaster- Riding a wheelie (see below under W for meaning) without the aid of pedaling.

A.K.A- Manual

Cowboy- Standing upright on the front wheel (both feet standing on F. wheel) whilst in a trackstand. The only part of the body that is in contact with the bike is the feet. (Speciality of Si Harvey, Team M.A.D Saracen)



Endo- Momentarily lifting the rear wheel up off the ground using the front brake.


FrontFlip (Flatland)- A dismount from the bike on the flat ground where the rider goes into an Endo and Flips straight over the handlebars and lands feet first in front of where the bike was. The bike then falls sideways onto the ground unless someone is there to hold it up after the rider dismounts

A.K.A- Abubuca

Front Hops- Hopping on the front wheel (rear wheel airborne).

Front Hop Drop Off- Using the art of front hopping (see above for meaning) to hop around 180 degrees on the front wheel over a drop off so that the rear wheel hovers over the drop, then a twist of the bars to lift and turn the front wheel off and around another 90- 180 degrees before landing.

Front Pivot- A turn made on the front wheel, where the rear wheel is lofted up off the ground with the use of the front brake, then swung around (usually 180 degrees) whilst on the front wheel.

Front Wheel Roll Back- Rolling backwards whilst balanced on the front wheel (rear wheel airborne) This move is made possible with the aid of a slope to create enough momentum to keep rolling backwards on the front wheel. It is basically a stoppie going backwards, as to keep on the front wheel the front brake needs to be feathered just like the stoppie.

A.K.A- Backwards Nose wheelie, Backwards Noseroll


G-Turn- 180 degree front pivot straight into a backwards noseroll using the momentum from the 180 pivot.


HairyHop- see 'Pogo Hops'

Hang Five- A Stoppie (see below under 'S' for meaning) where one foot is placed on the front quick release system and the other foot is trailed out off the pedal.

Hang Ten- A no footed stoppie (see below under 'S' for meaning) . Both legs stretched out off the pedals, with the contact from sitting on the saddle keeping the rider on the bike.

A.K.A- No Footed Stoppie

Hans Rey 270 Drop- A Spinning sideways drop where the rider hops to the edge of a drop sideways on as if to sidehop off, but a twisting 180 degree bunnyhop is added whilst dropping off the object, then whilst coming down off the drop another 90 degrees is turned using the momentum from the initial 180 degree bunnyhop.

A.K.A- Inverse 270 Drop Off, 270 Sidehop Drop Off


Irish Squeaker- This move is similar to the Switzerland squeaker, hence the name. The move requires placing your favoured foot over the handlebars, then placing it on the front tyre. With a quick endo to get the rear wheel off the ground the front tyre has to be scuffed forwards so that the bike moves forwards on the front wheel (rear wheel airborne) with the use of the scuffing motion from your foot placed on the front wheel.


Japslap- Hopping onto a wall, ledge, rail or whatever your chosen object is straight to the rear wheel. A run up is taken towards the chosen object and the front wheel has to be lifted up (using a small pedal stroke) and bushed against the top of the object you wish to 'up' then unweighting the rear end of the bike and shifting the bodyweight to the rear end of the bike the bike is lifted upwards and continues straight to the rear wheel.

A.K.A- Backwheeling, momentum replace



Lurch- See 'Pogo hops'


Manual- Riding a wheelie (see below under W for meaning) without the aid of pedaling.

A.K.A- Coaster

Mega Spin- A rear wheel spin, placing one foot on either of the chainstays on the frame and the other foot stretched out, off the pedal used as an aid for balance. It is possible to keep spinning over 900 degrees if you scuff the rear wheel with your trailing foot, which gives you the momentum to keep on spinning. Although normally it is just a 360 degree spin.




Pedal Grind- Sliding along on an object or 'grinding' on the pedal.

Pogo hops- To continuously hop in a forwards direction on the rear wheel by pedaling and hopping simultaneously.

A.K.A- Hairy Hop, Backhop Forwards, Lurch



Rear wheel Pivot- Spinning around on the rear wheel (front wheel airborne) from a standing start.

Rockwalk- a 180 degree front wheel pivot (see above for meaning) straight into a 180 degree rear wheel pivot using the momentum from the first pivot to swing around on the rear wheel a further 180 degrees.

A.K.A- tailwhip

Rockwell Drop Off- A spinning drop,where the rider pulls a 180 degree front pivot so that the rear wheel is swung over the drop, then lifting and twisting the front wheel off from the top of the drop to spin a further 180 degrees to land.

A.K.A- 360 Drop Off, Helicopter Drop Off,


Sidehop- Pulling a bunnyhop (see above under B for meaning) and shifting the bodyweight out to one side of the bike simultaneously so that the bike is 'hopped' sideways

A.K.A- Parallel Bunnyhop

Sidehop Drop Off- Using the Sidehop technique (see above) to drop off an object

Sidehop Up- Using the Sidehop technique (see above for meaning) to hop up objects sideways on, either to a) the crank/bashguard b) two wheels or c) the rear wheel

Surge- A power move where the bike is powered up an object from a standing start using the momentum created when preloading on the pedals to explode up to either the bashguard or rear wheel on the object.

Switzerland squeaker- A Flatland trick where the bike is moved backwards on the front wheel by placing one foot on the front tyre and repeatedly scuffing it towards your body.


Tail Whip- See 'Rockwalk'

Trackstand- Balancing on the bike on the spot whilst trying to move the wheels as little as possible.




Wheelie- riding along balanced on the rear wheel, with the front wheel lofted up in the air.

Wheelie Drop Off- Using the wheelie technique (see directly above) to drop off an object.

Wheel Swap- (From a standing start) With the front wheel resting on the top of an object, and the rear wheel resting on the ground a power hop is made to throw the bike upwards and across so that the rear wheel replaces where the front wheel had previously been. Then the bike is then hopped off the object




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