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Interview with Barry Huskinson - Elite Rider

At 17 years old Barry Huskinson is the youngest Elite rider at the British Championships, yes that's right he's even younger than boy wonder Eddie Tongue. And at rounds 2 and 6 last season he finished 6th in Britain in the highest class there! Uncontent with that he became the overall 2000 Essex BikeTrial ELITE champion, fending off top riders to the top spot such as Kris Leeson, Stevie Thompson and Stuart Matthews, a rider over 10 years older than Barry. I caught up with him to see amongst other things what his hopes for the future are...............

Dave: You've mentioned before to me that you use to ride motorbike trials, then you moved to biketrials and then back to motorbike trials, and then back to biketrials again. Are you here to stay on the push bike, or do you see your self moving back across to motorbike trials again?

Barry: It’s difficult as I really enjoy both. But I think I’m here to stay though as biketrials is way more accessible in the forms of practising. With motorbikes there are many laws restricting the use of the motor bikes on and off road, which means the only sort of riding you can do is at competitions which wasn’t frequent enough for me. With biketrials the accessability is much better and the whole scene is much more friendly, so Im definetly here to stay!

Dave: How often do you practice? and what kind of terrain do you ride the most?

Barry: I usually practise pretty often, but i have A-level exams at the moment, so for the last 3-4 months I' ve hardly ridden at all, but I dont have long to go at college so it won't be long before I have the time to ride again. For the next year I hope to take a time to concentrate solely on my riding. I ride natural trials mostly as it provides the biggest challenge and traditionally represents what trials is.

Dave: You've been involved in Trials for a while now, how would you say that the scene has changed in this country since you first got into it? and where do you think the future of UK Trials is heading?

Barry: The main change is that the whole scene has started to receive media coverage. Although still very little in comparison, at least it has a regular spot in a national magazine (MBUK) and clips of it have been shown on TV. The media coverage is the main promotion for the sport, which has led to it's fast growth and a much broader base of riders which is brilliant for the sport

As for the UK scene i feel that it has too many organisational problems for the sport to develop any faster. I feel that there are not enough British rounds held at venues that are worthy of such an event. The pieces of ground we are currently using are the same bits the circuit was going to 5 years ago, these venues aren't up to scratch with the current level of the top riders (like the Martins, Eddie Tongue, Chris Akrigg etc). This also means that the experienced riders get to ride similar sections every year and as a result have an advantage. I feel that the sections at events dont always test a whole range of abilities and are laid out so that you only need strength & fitness to get good scores, and they don't test technical ability to really set riders apart. Although saying that you get that exact type of section at world level so i think that the organisers make it like that to prepare riders for world level sections.

Dave: How hard do you find it with all the travelling costs, replacement of broken parts etc without a major sponsor, have you got anything lined up or are you just happy to keep it as a hobby ?

Barry: Very hard, travelling to all the events works out very expensive, especially with being at college and so not having the time to earn the sort of money required to cover all the costs. I’m thankful that my parents have been able to help me and my brother out this far where they can, but with the sort of costs involved and the commitment I want to give I cant expect that much. Clive Leeson has built a great frameset (Leeson Clear 660- Barrys ride) but the price of the high level components needed at elite level to maintain a competitive bike throughout the season is very expensive, so any help would be welcome. If I could make a living out of this it would be the best job in the world!

Dave: Last year you managed to win the elite class at the Essex BikeTrial Club and gain some respectable results at the British championships, so what aims do you hold this season after having such a succesful previous year.

Barry: My biggest aim for the year is to place into the top three at a British championship round, and improve my overall ranking. Finances permitting, I would like to improve on my results last year at the world championships

Dave: You've also got a brother that rides trials, and he does well (Expert rider at Essex BikeTrials) is there any rivalry between you? and do you ride together at the comp's?

Barry: Yes he’s good. We don't tend to ride around together at the competitions 'cos he does a lap 3 times the pace! We get on really well though and practice together.


Age: 17

D.O.B: 13/8/83

Bike: Leeson Clear 660

2000 Results:

Champion - Essex BikeTrial- Elite Class

6th- British Champs Round 2/4- Elite Class

Sponsor: None, but I'm on the look out

Biggest Drop: About 10ft at the worlds in Spain last year.

Fav Riders: Eddie tongue & Martin Klievard

Fav Comedian: paul whitehouse

Fave TV show: MTV

Taste in music: R’n B & Hip Hop

Fav famous babe: beyonce knowls from destiny’s child

fav round of the Brit championships: Derbyshire- Knabb Quarry 2000

Any last words? Lets get foot and mouth sorted so we can start riding again!

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